Easy Convenient After School Snack #TysonGoodness #CBias

#TysonGoodness for a Quickie after School Snack

With the New Year comes visions of being organized and really embracing all the changes that took place in 2011. Wow I have not even said out loud 2012. I have three young adults, two of which are in between living spaces. One just graduated college and has a room here still, which is soon to be my 'office/craft room' and the other is still undecided on many roads.. Aerial is moved out and loving her new house and is starting school next week.

Brandon called and said he was stopping over after his day of classes and was looking for a quick bite with something that would not weigh him down because he had some major studying to do. My husband was just getting home so I said lets head over to Walmart and pick up some lunch stuff and of course things that I had already on my list.

You have heard me already discussing  Tyson Mini Chicken Patties.  I make sure I have my Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches in the freezer so we are taken care of. I also remember there special offer: Buy 2 Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches at a participating Walmart and receive a $5 Walmart Gift Card. To find out what Walmarts carry the product go to there store locator. You can see my whole shopping experience at my Google Plus Profile

Even when your kids are no longer kids and you have started becoming comfortable in your ways you still want something that is quick and I am sorry to say requires minimal cleanup. I of course no just what I am looking for because they are not in my refrigerator very long. They are also will not weigh you down and have a sufficient amount of protein!  Sometimes I am lucky and find coupons right on the package so I start rummaging.

So hubby and I did a little bit of shopping and headed home.. After the holidays I am a bit sluggish for a few days.. Brandon called and said he would be home in about twenty minutes so I pulled the Tyson Mini Chicken patties out of the freezer. He said don't go to any trouble mom, I just want something quick. He knew I had a rack of ribs cooking already and did not want to number one get full and number two disturb his appetite for later that day.

I was just about to prepare a salad for him but decided on just letting him have a basic burger.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias  All thoughts and opinions are totally mine.
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  1. It's a perfect snack before dinner that won't stop his dinner appetite from coming back!

  2. I bet my son would love them!

  3. Those have become a staple in our house ever since I did my CB shop for them!

  4. sigh... I can't find them anywhere in my area :(

  5. My older stepkids used to eat these all the time!

  6. Those look great for a quick lunch. I have not been able to find them here.

  7. My boys would love this as a quick and easy snack.

  8. You're such an awesome mom April! You even hook up your older kiddos with snacks. These look perfect as an in between lunch and dinner filler!

  9. My kids would like these. My daughter is always wanting something to eat as soon as she gets home from school. These would be good to have on hand.


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