Diamond Candles Review and Giveaway

Diamond Candle Review

Diamond Candle Giveaway

I am so excited to share with you one of the funnest Reviews I think I have done, plus there is a huge giveaway attached. First a few things about this candle. If you do not know this already I am a candle ADDICT. I burn candles all day and into the evening. I adore soy candles to be exact. They have such a calming effect on me. Plus your house smells so good.

Diamond Candles was founded in January of 2011. The founders had a desire to make buying candles fun again, while at the same time, make an attractive and earth friendly candle that you would be excited to use in your home.

There is a ring worth $10, $100, $1,000, or $5,000 in every earth friendly, all natural soy candle we make.

The Apple Slice is what appeared at my door all bubble wrapped

and beautiful in it's tall cylinder glass shaped vase. I burned my candle about one forth of the way and all I needed was to grab a tweezers and pull the foil packet off of the side of the vase. The ring is then inside another plastic baggie.

It took a couple days of burning until I could pull it out, the apple scent was amazing and not to strong which some apple scents can be. This is so exciting, what if it is a big diamond? I have a question as I start opening it from the gold casing. How would I know if it is $10, $100 or even a $1000.00 I am no jewelry expert. Oh well lets continue.

I am ready to open it up!!

How pretty is this? Emerald and Diamonds :-)

Diamond Candles wants you to have the chance to experience the excitement of burning one of their Soy Candles. There are 30 blogs that are part of  this giveaway. 30 Candles will be given away! Are you ready? Don't forget to Visit Diamond Candles over at Facebook Connect with them on Twitter.  Thank you also to http://celebratewomantoday.blogspot.com/ for letting me know about this wonderful Candle.

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  1. Very nice! But I have no idea what value that is, lol.

  2. Me either? I am like $10, $100? In the inside there is an inscription. Not sure what it says. We are going to bring it into a jeweler for the fun of it. 14 Carot (sp) Gold? LOL

  3. What a fun idea! It's like a cracker jack box...but better!


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