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I Voted for 2 Broke Girls! Nominated for People’s Choice Awards 2012

2 Broke Girls reminds us that laughter is the key to our hearts. The People have spoken and the two lovable gals of 2 Broke Girls have been nominated for best New TV Comedy. Help spread the word by voting for 2 Broke Girls in The People’s Choice Awards of 2012. In 2 Broke Girls they realize that dreams may come true through an honest day’s work. Max and Caroline’s dream is opening their own cupcake business. Have you ever had a dream of opening up your own business? Have you ever had a dream that through hard work and dedication you were able to achieve?

I sure have!  After my Corporate Downsize and a loss of a nice salary I decided to not return to work but find things that made me happy at home and put some money on the table.  I worked hard looking online and teaching myself about all the different opportunities available to me on and off line.  I knew I accomplished what I set out for when I got to shake Donald Trumps hand while acting as an ambassador to one of his many campaigns around the country.  I have now settled into my life on the farm and living a sustainable life.. I get to write on my blog and do Brand Ambassador jobs with face to face marketing introducing consumers to products.  I love it!  What about you?

Cast your vote for the People's Choice Awards today!

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote WBTV shows nominated in the People's Choice Awards.
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April ran away from Suburbia to live life more sustainably with her husband. The kids are all grown but return quite often. She is a little city mixed in with Martha Stewart like smarts. She is an ex IT downsized Corporate gal. Follow her as she learns all the Green Acres chores on her 40 acre farm while introducing her readers to products she believes in.


  1. You know, when 2 Broke Girls first aired, I didn't care for it. But I really like Cat Dennings so I kept watching - and now I love it! It really is a grower, I hope they win!

  2. I haven't watched 2 Broke Girls yet, but I might have to check it out sometime. I remember watching Kat Dennings in Nick and Norah, which was a great movie!

  3. I am so far behind on anything TV, looks like it might be good.

  4. I haven't watched the show. The commercials make it look interesting.

  5. I can't believe that I still haven't seen this show.v

  6. I actually did vote the other day! :)

  7. Can you belive that this is put on by Proctor and Gamble.


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