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This is a Guest Post from my Husband Dave discussing the need for STP Multipurpose Motor Treatment

As a father with a daughter that has been running all over Minnesota and North Dakota it has been a struggle keeping up with my 21 year old who for the life of her would do any sort of up keep with her vehicle. Whenever she is home I regularly check under the hood, check her tire pressure, make sure she has window washer fluid and change her oil when needed.

 She was up in North Dakota all summer where her boyfriend was hauling dirt in his semi. Every few weeks she came home that vehicle was a dusty mess. She is back now and with holidays and my honey 'to do' list it has been a challenge syncing my schedule with my daughter. I am a do it myself kinda guy but I must admit I know a thing or two about  an old Ford with three on the tree more than newer vehicles. Lets not get started on computerized dashboards either. I patted myself on the back for about six months when I learned how to google a question about her Impala and get the answer.

I started doing my research on the STP Motor Treatment I was looking forward to adding this into my daughters fuel tank because she brought up a few weeks ago that her check engine light was on. I decided to change the air filter first then use  STP to clean up the injectors.  I am almost ashamed to show you this dirty filter.  My wife said press on. From reading about the new STP product it;

  • Cleans engine deposits and fight friction
  • Clean fuel injectors and intake valves
  • Protect against viscosity build up
  • Protect against crankcase sludge
  • Prevent fuel line freeze by removing water
  • Provide upper cylinder lubrication
Take Note!
STP® Multipurpose Motor Treatment is safe for use in all gasoline and diesel engines. Add this product to your existing STP regimen to help keep all of your engines running at their best.

My wife and I headed to Walmart to pick up our product and do a little shopping, you can see the whole shopping experience at the wife's Google Profile.  I was doing a bit of comparing with another product that I have used in the past and was looking forward to the comparing the two.

This product will also be great to use on my Snow Blower and Lawn Mower and any other gas or diesel motorized equipment I have on our farm.  Especially the lawn mower and weed whipper that will sit idle all winter.  This will be a great product to add now to my pre winterized to do list.  I did some maintenance on her car after changing the filter.  She had zero washer fluid and needed oil.  It was time to add the STP and see if the car will run smoother.

I had my daughter come back after a few days and I am happy to let my wife's readers know that she said her check engine light is not on anymore and the car is running smoother. I thank my wife and Collective Bias for giving me the opportunity to write my first blog post and because of this experience I am starting my own blog!

Check out the STP Facebook and Twitter pages.  STP's Facebook page also has a $1.00 off coupon to download.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias
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  1. I love that we have pictures of our husbands looking at the same two cans in the store. :) Want to trade places? I miss the snow!

  2. I can't imagine hubby posting...this was great, although I'm glad that I'm in Florida where there's no snow (lived in New England for over 50 years)

  3. Showing this to my husband since I'm a total car idiot. He's a mechanic by the way!

  4. Great post! We use fuel treatments but not engine treatments. Will check this out for sure.

  5. I love how your dog was checking you out while doing the treatment! ha ha!

  6. I don't know a carburator from an engine. I am impressed!

  7. This is great! I never know what half this stuff is for.

  8. STP is commonly use for motor treatment. It is not so expensive and it is very effective too. :D


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