Spoiling My Pups for Christmas #iLoveMyK9 #Cbias

Puppy Prep Kit For The Holidays

I had a mission to accomplish, To head to Walmart and find a bunch of products that would create a Puppy Care Kit. I was specifically looking for Milk-Bone® Treats, Pup-Peroni Treats and Milo’s Kitchen Treats. Thank you Collective Bias!

These are my dogs, Tory is the black Low Rider and Chance is our dog we saved..  Thus his name.  My sons girlfriend  around 2003 brought him home, he was just a puppy then with the brightest blue eyes.  He actually sort of scared me.  He was brought to the shelter after being found wondering around outside for days.  The first thing I noticed was that his nails were nice and short meaning that someone probably took care of him well.  What we did find out is that he probably was abused in someway.

  He was very skiddish and afraid to be touched..  We took him in and fell in love with him immediately.  Tory on the other hand would not talk to us for at least three weeks.  I was so unsure what to do..  When Tory gets wet she gets really playful, she got out of the bath and started playing with Chance.  Tory basically barks and hides.  Ever since then they have been best friends and Mommy and Daddy for a short period.  Tory had babies which had us searching for warm homes for each of them, it worked out perfect too.

So I headed off to Walmart to pick up prizes for my pups and get started on making a special gift for them or get out to a shelter, I have yet to make a decision which one.  I did have specific treat in mind and was hoping  Walmart would be fully stocked!  I headed off to the Pet Department which is usually in really great shape and the aisle itself is twice as wide as the Walmart that I used to go to.  Since we moved in September our newest Walmart is a Super Walmart, which is larger and has the grocery section.  Lots of toys to choose from, I have to get extra strong toys for Chance, he can demolish the toughest of them.

Woot Woot found the Milk-Bone® Chance and Tory love these.  I am a huge spoiler, I have to admit it.  I let them lick our plates after dinner, they sit there and beg and I just simply shush them away and then turn around and give them scraps.  But we have specific treats we enjoy giving them.  They come in many different sizes for your size pup too, we get the large bones.  We call them biscuits.

We were happy to see that the treats were nicely filled and we had an awesome selection.  Milos Kitchen is a favorite of Chances as he loves the Beef and Chicken Jerky.  We use this treat when we want him to be an extra good boy.  My husband was being a great help too.  We decided to pick up enough to give to another puppy that needed prizes for the holidays.

These Pup-peroni are a fave too, had to pick up a few of these. I think one of my sons ate a whole bag once on a dare from one of there classmates. Sheesh . Having dogs is a full time commitment that I love. I cannot imagine not having my pups. I want more but hubby says only outdoor pets from here out.. Chickens and goats are coming in the Spring. We continued on talking about how we were going to make our kit up.

Umm, look at these, OMG, my daughter has a Little tiny puppy that I had to pick up one of these cute little coats.  The carrying case would be perfect for her coffee shop outings.  I need to get back on task!  They had a huge assortment of treats and it was overwhelming for this lady that is a spoiler!

We ended up picking up our snacks and treats for the dogs. You can see my whole shopping experience at my Google Profile. You can also can check your local newspaper the week of December 11 for a money
saving coupon on Milk-Bone® Dog Treats.  I will be posting my finished Puppy Prep Kit for the holidays so be sure to come back and see all my pictures and maybe a video.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias
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  1. Looks like you had a great trip! Good for you for rescuing Chance!

  2. I enjoyed your post and am touched by your commitment to pooches in need!

  3. Walmart sure had a ton of products in the dog section, I was surprised at how many options there were when I went!

  4. Walmart has a very big selection in the pets area!

  5. we love our babies and it's easy to spoil them

  6. Your dogs are adorable! WOW! Walmart sure has alot of pet products! Which is great since we are thinking about buying a German Shepard for our children.

  7. I had no idea how much there was available for doggie treats! Holy cow!

  8. What cuties you have! I shop WalMart for a lot of our dog's doggie treats, too.

  9. I miss having a dog...and (shhhhh don't tell anyone this, but I miss the snow too.)

  10. My kids want a puppy - but I think we'll wait awhile...

  11. What lucky pups they are to have you! I miss having a dog!


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