My Son Graduated from College

My son Justin graduated this weekend with his BA in Marketing and International Business, this is his girlfriend Brie who he has been dating for a few years, she has a year and a half left in her studies to be a Dental Hygienist.  She was so cute and proud of my son!  Justin is my middle child.  I cannot believe how fast the time has gone since he graduated from High School!

We drove down to Mankato Friday evening and got a hotel, if I was smarter I would of worked on getting a room for review! But not me, I decided to go with The Best Western, generally not my first choice but it had a pool, hot tub, sauna, full service restaurant and a bar. The bar was on the top of my list because after a two and a half hour drive all I was going to want to do is head to the bar with my hubby have a few drinks and order dinner. The room it self had a King Size bed and WiFi etc. I got the room for a mere $70.00 and some change by reserving on line.

We get down to the bar and discover the restaurant closed at 2:00pm, what?? It said full service restaurant and bar. So we had to find a place that delivered and it was already after 9:00pm. We had a couple beers and had to get back up to our room to get our pizza, my husband ordered a pitcher of beer and we headed upstairs to relax. Ha, there was only basic cable, I so wanted to enjoy a movie, we ended up watching Frineds, that Joey still makes us laugh.

We woke at 6:00am and headed down to the Hot Tub to unwind before breakfast, our plan was to leave the hotel at 7:45 to arrive at the Colosseum buy 8:00am to get good seats. I put on a bikini that I had not put on in two years, and was looking forward to a hot tub and a quick swim. We get down there and the Pool and Hot tub were all locked up, they did not open until 8:00am, aaah man, I was bummed! But we laughed about my skills in picking a hotel. We decided to go down for breakfast and found out that did not open until 8:00am, WTH.. We had to settle on Continental. I said that is cool, we can get a hardy lunch after the ceremony then do some shopping :-)

We got there just about when the doors opened. We had perfect seats which made me totally happy!! I was ready with my camera and flip video, it was so hard to not cry, I was so overwhelmed listening to the speakers. Congrats Graduates!

There he is smiling for mom! I know you have no clue which one he is but I was so happy to see him s, smiling at me!
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