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Living in Minnesota brings us cold weather from around October through February and if we are lucky March isn't to cold.  My skin gets dry from this weather and sometimes if I am not heading out I have to remind myself to lather up on the lotion on my body.  I take bubble baths daily and with that comes a ton of oils thrown in so I am already moisturizing without even trying.

I have a pretty good routine in the AM.  I wash my face, brush my teeth, brush my lips and then apply a moisturizer.  Brush my lips you say?  I am a chap stick lip gloss addict.  I admit this freely.  This is truly half of what I have in my purse.  I just switched out my purse and grabbed a handful before heading out for brunch yesterday.  My newest addiction to add into the pot is Softlips.  In the summer they can protect your lips with a SPF of 20.  I am always on the look out for products to protect my lips.  My favorite Softlips is the Cherry.

Hubby and I went to Walmart to go shopping so of course I had to pick up more gloss and my lip protectors. I use Vaseline and Softlips either alone or as my base then I add my lip gloss. You can see my whole shopping experience at my Google Profile.

We finished up our shopping and headed to check out with my goods.  This is the stuff that I put on my lips first right after I wash and moisturize my face. I take good care of these babies..

So lets get real and honest shall we?  I am going to be heading out today and visiting a few friends over a lite  lunch and some cocktails.  I want to look fresh and awake.  I got up this morning at 4:30AM with a ton on my mind to get done.

Look at that beauty first thing in the morning. First I give the old girl skin a good scrubbing with an old fashion beauty cream/cleanser. I scrub lightly to remove any dry skin... Remember it is 4:30AM I am still mighty tired.

What am I doing? Next it is onto the teeth and lips. If you haven't heard the tip to brush your lips I am telling you right now it is the best defense for dry chapped lips. Brush them and be sure to get the corners.

Slather lotion on my face, neck and chest. I also put the same lotion onto my lips. This adds an extra bit of protection and acts as an additional base. Then I add my Softlips.

I never ever leave the house with out at least a lip conditioner or lip gloss, it makes such a big difference in your appearance. This little bit of work will give you beautiful soft lips :-)

That little bit of work does the trick for me.  If I am going to meet up with some folks I will curl my lashes and put on Mascara.  If I am glammin it up I will add eye shadow and depending on how my skin looks may add a bronzing powder.

Softlips has a bunch of flavors too The Pearl Tint adds a softness which looks and feels awesome.  Softlips has Therapeutic Lip Conditioner in Cool Mint, Honey along with some limited additions for the holiday season.

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  1. Definitely the first time I have ever heard of brushing your lips!

  2. I totally see the need for brushing lips, but I've never thought of it. They do tend to peel. I'm also a chapstick fanatic. Obsessed!

  3. I love Softlips - they are always in my purse!!

  4. Right now my lips are dry and cracked. Guess I should have been using SoftLips.

  5. I really like Softlips as well. Great brand!

  6. I had no idea that other people brush their lips, too! I go through a crazy amount of lip balm!

  7. Great post. I'm a Buxom lip balm/gloss girl. Love it. Soft lips is a great product too but I'm a Buxom addict.

  8. LOL You did not say "old girl skin" - You are still lovely!! I have been using softlips for a few years now, I really like how light and moisturizing they are!

  9. This is a great post. I live in California and am going to Utah for Christmas. I'll have to pick me up some soft lips.

  10. I love the idea of brushing your lips! I too ALWAYS have to have lip balm or gloss on my lips at all times! Thanks for your tips :)

  11. My lips are tired and cracking I really need soft lips too

  12. Old girl skin! Nonsense!

    (that is an excellent tip by the way to refresh and puff up your pout!)

  13. I love the pearl tint! That is what I get, so I don't have to wear lipstick.


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