Holiday Craziness requires a quick dinner #TysonGoodness #CBias

This time of the year has me making many lists.  I have a list for who wants what, what I am preparing for dinner all week, when I am going shopping, what am I shopping for etc..  I have to make lists because I tend to do many things at once.  I tell myself to stay on task.  I eventually get it all done but if you were watching me you would find me a bit crazy.  I have been running a lot with my daughter whew stopped off Sunday in between shopping for an early brunch.

This year feels so different to me.  We are in a new home, my son just graduated from college, my youngest moved into a house with her girlfriend and my oldest lives here a few days a week..  My husbands business treats him wonderfully and they are generous each year with a huge holiday bonus.  We are very fortunate..  I am grateful to not having to punch a clock every day from 9-5 and plan my days around myself and my family.

I am shopping every weekend and dinner sometimes is forgotten.  As much as I love to cook, it happens.  I make sure I have my Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches in the freezer so we are taken care of. I also remember there special offer: Buy 2 Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches at a participating Walmart and receive a $5 Walmart Gift Card. To find out what Walmarts carry the product go to there store locator.

My husband and I headed out to Walmart with our list to do some grocery and furnishing shopping. We were an awesome festive mood.. I was happy to find my Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches too!  You can see my whole shopping experience at my Google Profile

This was early for us too, our goal was to get home and get everything put away then head back out for more shopping. I was feeling fatigued. But ready to make a great day of it..  We got a ton of stuff shopping, I was feeling blessed once again.

My Husband through the cat Litter in and it exploded we started laughing so hard!  We loaded up the van and were headed home to get moving again.  We are lucky to live ten minutes away from Walmart.

We got everything put away and then I headed back out to do more shopping, I met up with my daughter and had a drink and got caught up with her. Then headed back home, I got home around 5:00pm.  My husband was still out shopping, umm I think for little old me:-)

It was a great day! I got a ton of shopping done but had no time to make a big beautiful dinner.. It was time to grab something to eat..

I had some soup that was cooking on the stove so I figured this is a great quick nutritious meal.

I just pop them into the microwave on one side for about 45 seconds then the other for about 30 seconds. Easy Peasy!

Now onto wrapping my gifts!

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias
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April ran away from Suburbia to live life more sustainably with her husband. The kids are all grown but return quite often. She is a little city mixed in with Martha Stewart like smarts. She is an ex IT downsized Corporate gal. Follow her as she learns all the Green Acres chores on her 40 acre farm while introducing her readers to products she believes in.


  1. Love your post!! They look great and looks like you got a ton of shopping done!!

  2. OH MY GOSH! Your cart and your know how to shop! (and eat) :)

  3. Easy peasy! And OMG is your house yellow?? Cute!!! You're so darn cute too. Love this post.

  4. @crystal it is a cute little yellow farm house, with a matching yellow shed and big old barn LOL I love it, we just moved from Suburbia where we lived in a split, this is a big change :-)

  5. Holy cow that's some major shopping!

  6. Love this post!! You're cart looks like mine every Sunday with 3 kids!

  7. I'm mostly a vegetarian, but these look quite tempting!

  8. LOL, you are too cute!! Love your post and all the pictures! Those chicken burgers look really yummy :)

  9. That's so nice of you April. I want to congratulate you for having happiest year. I like your blog and Google profile. Good Luck, Keep shopping :)

  10. The back of hubbies van looks like we are hoarders LOL :-)

  11. You sound to be a big shopping lover...Even I enjoy it especially when I don't have anything else important to do...I thoroughly loved reading your post....And my mouth is already watering for those mini chicken sandwiches...;-*


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