Beautiful Rain Chain Designs

There is nothing more beautiful to me in the yard then the sound of running water. I am always looking at ways to incorporate water into the landscape, rain chains are a great way to add a focal point after a rain fall. I have been using rain barrels to collect rain and then to water my gardens . This is an initiative with my husband and I to go green. Why let the rain just go down the downspout when you can use a decorative rain chain.

I love water features by the bird feeders, the birds stop by for a drink before and after there feeding. The sound that you get from adding a water feature with chains rain will give your flying critters a reason to return.  I am in a winter slump.  I have my water garden in a deep freeze but do have a birdbath that is heated.  While sitting in my office I get to watch all my little friends and can even hear them through the window.

If you have not heard of a rain chain for your downspout your in for a special treat.  Not only can you get to truly listen to nature it is an awesome landscaping feature for your home.  What kind of special landscaping water features do you have around your yard?
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  1. I've never heard of this, very cool!

  2. That's so cool! I had never heard of a rain chain but with all of the rain we get in Miami, I should get one!

  3. This is so neat! I had never heard of rain chain's until now.

  4. I love it and bet it sounds cool

  5. Wow, so beautiful. I'd love one of those.

  6. How awesome is that! I just "hinted" to my hubby that I'd like one. :)


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