V Season 2 Hobbes VS Ryan

Hobbes constantly calls Ryan out as a traitor even though his treachery has far worse consequences. Not only has Hobbes killed humans, he slept with Erica and then indirectly caused the death of Erica's ex-husband Joe.

Have you ever been in a situation where someone regardless of their own actions kept pointing out what you were doing wrong? How did you bring this to light or work around it to move forward?

Oh I have, when I worked in Corporate America and just joined a team that was IT, I was so green but determined to learn everything. There was one lady who was the head person I guess, who loved to point out anything that was not perfect. I prevailed and became the expert that she had to come to during our mainframe conversions. Gotta love be determined!

You can watch a clip below or visit the WB

Are you ready to find out how Ryan deals with Hobbes? You can purchase Season 2 of V on
Blu-ray and DVD.

I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote V Season Two on DVD.
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  2. My BF's mom was negative about everything. He has such crappy self-esteem thanks to her!

  3. Oh heavens, yes! Some people have nothing better to do than wait for you to do something, anything, and call you out on it!

  4. I haven't watched the new show. I hated the original.

  5. When this show first debued I was excited b/c I used to watch it as a kid-but I couldn't get into this...I don't know why-


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