Scrubs are not what they used to be

My sister in law a nurse, the kind of nurse with a four year degree, the kind of nurse I am reminded enough about, you know more cha ching.  She has been going to school to become a nurse since she was in her early twenties while having her three kids.

I can tell you that have changed over the years, she stopped by for a recent Halloween Pumpkin carving party while wearing her scrubs and I was like, man those are some nice looking scrubs.
As a nurse she works a ton of hours a week, don't get me wrong I am proud of her, I never had a feeling to work in a hospital, she has tried to get me to go to school to be a nurse for the last 10 years. I had a great job from 1999 to 2005 working from home and traveling for Corporate America, now why would I want to give that up? Maybe for the scrub clothing that is so fashion forward?

Flash forward to 2011 almost 2012 what an awesome career choice she made, her kids a growing older and she loves helping others. Me? I spend my days on line, in the garden and in the kitchen. My daughter just celebrated her 21st birthday last night, we had a great time, she ordered an over priced margarita and hated it, so of course I drank it for her. :-)
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  1. My mom says the same thing all the time. When she was a nurse way way way back when, the uniform was so important. Now, the quality is lacking in some company scrubs.

  2. I miss the old nurse hats! Now they are only useful for Halloween costumes.

  3. I have some awesome scrub tops - Spongebob, Winnie the Pooh and even an Oakland Raiders one!

  4. Yeah, everything is definitely changing these days..

  5. They're much cuter these days, for sure!


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