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Thanksgiving has come and gone and it was a great morning and afternoon spent with my children and hubby.  I did not over indulge, well I did eat a piece of Banana Cream Pie, I do not know why I did it, but it looked good.

The problem is that I don't do sweets.  It's a fact that I do not like sweet things.  I love sour.  Sweet tarts, sprees, sour patch's..  You get the idea?  I eat lemons like they are apples.  My stomach started making the loudest noises, it was screaming are you crazy?  I ran to the medicine cabinet for Alka Seltzer to stop the grumbling.  After about twenty minutes I was just fine.

In the AM I had some coffee and was going over the Black Friday Deals waiting for my hubby to wake up. It was a pretty nice morning outside with the sun shining.  We bought our turkey way late this year and when we stopped to pick it up all that was left were the 12 pound babies.  We traditionally do at least a 20 pound bird.  So we decided to pick up two.  One would be grilled outside and one would go in the oven.  The thing I liked about that idea was I did not have to wake up at 4 AM.  I was drinking my latte watching the birds right outside the window.

The night we picked up our Turkeys I decided to pick up the Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches at Walmart so I could make a quick Thanksgiving Breakfast.  No mess no fuss!   I am finicky in my kitchen and now that I am living in the new house the kitchen is a bit smaller so I was a bit panicky.  You can head over to the #TysonGoodness.com site to nab a coupon!

RECEIVE A Five dollar ($5.00) Walmart gift card WHEN YOU PURCHASE ANY TWO (2) PACKAGES OF TYSON® MINI CHICKEN SANDWICHES (8 COUNT) BETWEEN 10/31/11 – 1/13/12 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.   To find a store near year go to the #TysonGoodness website.  Want to check out my whole shopping experience?  Check out my Google Plus Profile.

So my hubby wakes up and I have him outside right away at the grill, me in my cozy pink robe along side. We got the Turkey stoking and I was getting excited for a great afternoon! I can literally drink coffee up until it is time to eat. Hubby not so much! I said hey I got the Tyson Chicken Sandwiches to pop in the microwave. I wanted no mess because I was cleaning all AM and wanted nothing dropped on the floor or more dishes to add to my crazy counter.

I wanted my hubby to eat quick and not get full, I love to entertain and even though it was just my kids, I wanted everything perfect and wanted my hubby not to have a full belly.  So the Mini Chicken sandwiches were a perfect choice. These are so simple to pop in the microwave and add any toppings you want. My husband just has a little ketchup on his. We kept it simple so his energy level would stay up!

Now normally I will add mayo, mustard, ketchup, tomatoes and lettuce.  So hubby scarfed his two down and wanted more.

Look at my dogs just waiting for daddy to drop a piece.  We planned on getting the lights up after we ate, that requires some energy for sure.  Once he finished I grabbed his dish and put him to work getting ready for company LOL.  I was cracking the whip :-)  Happy Holidays all!

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  1. We love these sandwiches...even my super picky son asks for them! I am currently out but will be picking more up next time I'm at Walmart!


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