November 3rd Fluff Talk

I cannot believe it is already November, this year has flown by. With the move to the farm the year almost seemed in limbo during the middle of the summer. My daughter is coming home from North Dakota for her 21st Birthday and I could not be more happy. This has been my best month as a blogger with monetizing my blog too, I am planning on hitting a Kohls Pre Holiday sale this weekend with Aerial, I rarely shop before Black Friday. I am feeling the holiday spirit all around me this AM.

Do you do Black Friday? My hubby and I are heading out this year, Bloody Marys for me, coffee for him. I am aggressive to say the least, my husband just sort of stands there and allows everyone to go before him, LOL. We both wear funny tall hats so we can find each other. I am going to check out online today to see if any Black Friday deals are up yet. I am looking for a wireless surround sound for the living room. I would also like a flat screen for my bedroom. Oh the kids, hmm, usually gift cards and clothing.. :-)

So the video is from this AM, every morning and afternoon around 2:00pm there is this crazy swarm of birds, crows that is. It is so loud, my dogs just stand there with there heads in the air looking up. I also have two barn cats that sit at the door everyday and follow me where ever I go.

 This cat here on my chair was pretty beat up when we moved in. It was raining a bit but there is a porch that shelters him pretty good.  He is really scruffy looking and could use a day at the beauty salon, but hey he is a barn cat. So what do I do? I got a nice warm cloth with bactene on it and cleaned his face where he no doubt was in a cat fight. His eye looks a 100% better. I have two cardboard boxes I put behind the chairs with old king dust ruffles I no longer use, they are cozy little cats. I know I know I should not be doing this. But it is who I am, I saw one of the cats with a bird or something so they are doing there job I guess.  The skinny one walking is 'Barney' She is so cool we already love her!  "Barney' the barn cat :-)

Okay off to do my blogging chores before I decide whats cookin in the kitchen.  Watch the video, I did not edit it and it is off the cell.

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April ran away from Suburbia to live life more sustainably with her husband. The kids are all grown but return quite often. She is a little city mixed in with Martha Stewart like smarts. She is an ex IT downsized Corporate gal. Follow her as she learns all the Green Acres chores on her 40 acre farm while introducing her readers to products she believes in.


  1. I've never been Black Friday shopping but we are going this year. Good luck!

  2. I usually stay in on Black friday!

    Stopping by from the Alexa Stop Hop Drop. Thanks for visiting!

    How Was Your Day

  3. I can't believe it's November already either!

  4. Wow, lots of birds in that video!!!! Cool!

  5. Black Friday and me don't mix…except online :)

  6. That is a lot of birds and I really hate birds, but I love cats. We have four outdoor strays we have adopted too. My sister and I do Black Friday every year without fail. She is the aggressive one and I am the quiet one though.


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