November 2011 Calendar Project #GlueNGlitter #Cbias

November Calendar #GlueNGlitter #Cbias

With the end of the year drawing near I am lucky enough to get to be involved in a craft project using Elmer's Glue products. I love having a calendar with fun things to do as well as little reminders what I need to get done. I headed to Walmart to pick up my craft supplies, you can see my while shopping journey over at my Goggle + Profile. I do a lot of craft type things around the house but this sort of project is pretty new so bare with me :-)

The calendar itself is pretty simple, we used the Elmers mini bi-fold foam board

This was all my Walmart had in stock but it worked out fine.
I picked up a bunch of items with no clear vision a head of me because that is how I roll.

 November Calendar Products I used
Elmer's All Purpose Glue
Elmer's Mini Bi-Fold Foam Board
CraftBond™ Clear Dual Tip Glue Pen
Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint, Green and Blue
Glitter Pens
Black Sharpie
Thin Paint Brush
Straight Edge Ruler
Assorted Stickers
Flowers from my garden (Mums)
A few dried leaves

To start with we measured two inch by two inches  for the calendar.  Note, my November ends on the 26th so I stopped there!  I am on vacation and will not have a clock or any vague idea of the time, why?  Because that is how I roll!  Continue until you have all your boxes ready to go.
Then I went back over all the lines with a Sharpie.
We then added one more row at the top for the Days.
I then used stickers for the days of the week.
I then Painted the Word November, first I wrote it with a Pencil!  I used a Green and Blue Acyclic Paint with a small paint brush.
I then squeezed Elmer's All Purpose Glue on the Left side and spread it around, I also through in some glitter glue. This was done fairly fast I then started adding my flowers. I pressed ever so lightly.
At this point go ahead and do the left side then on the bottom around the 2011 numbers. I added a leaf too. I applied some Elmer's Glue on that and added some glitter. I then added more glitter on the flowers.  Add some little stickers and notes on things you need accomplished.  What I would do differently now that I have completed my fun calendar.  I would buy the letters and Number Stencils!

This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Elmer's #gluenglitter #collectivebias #CBias
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  1. I love the added fall flowers around the border. It gives it the perfect fall touch!

  2. I love this, it's such a cute idea! The flowers and stickers really bring it all together!

  3. I love this idea, and what a fun project, it turned out really cute!

  4. I wish the end of my November didn't exist - ha! Great job!

  5. That is just the cutest little idea! Love it!

  6. I absolutely love that you added flowers! I never would have thought to do that! cute :)

  7. so very creative and what's perfect is that you made it your self

  8. I love Elmer's products and love glitter. great project

  9. Cute! You should add a sticker for my birthday on Wednesday. ;)

  10. This is so neat! I wish I was this creative!

  11. What a neat idea! I think I may try this at the beginning of the year. I want to make each kiddo their own calendar to match their room.


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