Nature Made #Vitamin D and why I need it #Cbias

#VitaminD and why we need it #CBias

I turned 45 this year on April 11th and I took time to reflect on my health and what I have been doing or should I say not doing the last few years. After I lost my 'job' in December of 2005 I sort of was lost. I had worked from home and was lucky enough to travel the country while training people on the mainframe and laptop for seven years at a nice Corporate Pay Grade :-) To my husbands surprise I decided not to return to a traditional job but teaching my self how to make a living online..  With that happening I spent most of the day online while getting my kids through high school and on to college.  I lost my 'me' time which involved working out and truly taking care of myself.

I don't drink Milk which has Calcium which you need for strong bones.  So I have been taking calcium tablets for years. I was told when I was a huge runner and discovered arthritis in my leg that I had thin cartilage and Will have arthritis.  Oh good to know..   So why take #Vitamin D?

Maintaining healthy levels of Vitamin D in your body has been shown to be an important part of your overall health.
  • Vitamin D supports teeth, bone and immune health
  •  Ensuring healthy levels of Vitamin D in your body may promote heart health
  •  Vitamin D supplements come in two forms: Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3, Vitamin D3 is the most effective for maintaining adequate levels of Vitamin D in the body
For me taking the Vitamin D tablets will help my body absorb the Calcium tablets which the body needs in order to truly pull in the nutrients in the Calcium.  I am by know means an expert but the time it takes to research the subject I knew just what I needed.  Here is a You Tube Video to help you out.

I decided I would be taking the D3 2000 i.u Vitamin D from Nature made. We have been using Nature made for many years. I went over to the Nature Made website and found some useful tools to help me.  This assessment will ask you a bunch of questions about your mood, the amount of sun you get, your eating habits etc then will give you a recommendation on what vitamins you need. Specifically I was researching the Vitamin D and my Joint Health.

When I found out my cartilage was thin and my flexibility would start to be limited I knew I better start researching more! Some things that I found while researching;
40% of Americans over the age 50 are Vitamin D deficient. I am 45 and do tan at the tanning salon and get out in the sunshine even if it is 30 below zero. But I do not drink milk so I try to get my Vitamin D from my cheeses. So I learned Calcium without Vitamin D is insoluble, and cannot be absorbed by the body.

Vitamin D develops strong bones and teeth, so if we suffer from a deficiency of it we are more prone to fractures and cavities. My teeth over the years from my love of lemons have lost a lot of the enamel so I need to be extra careful.  Weight also impacts you need for Vitamin D. I found out that people who are medically obese are at more a risk for Vitamin D deficiencies. Because of the extra fat beneath the skin, the enzymes that sunlight converts are not as easily reached. For this reason, people who are overweight need to supplement their diet with Vitamin D.

I found a lot of Vitamin D on our recent trip to Walmart. You can see my whole shopping experience at my Google Plus Profile. Vitamin D also helps you maintain a healthy mood. Now you may not think that is such a big deal but I strongly believe it. My husbands mood can fluctuate and I truly believe it is from what he is putting into his body or more so what is not going into his body. But what Vitamin D Tablet do I need? I went with the D3 2000 I.U. One Pill once a day is all is needed. This tablet has No artificial flavors, No preservatives and has no Yeast or Gluten. That is a whole other ball of wax I am learning about. I bought only one bottle since it will last me for 100 days. We also picked up my husbands vitamins because his diet when he is not working out is really lacking. When he works out I am making all his food so I know what he is eating.

Well there is a lot to choose from, I suggest you head over to Nature Made and take the Vitamin Assessment to help you discover what you need.  I found what I needed and was happy.  I am truly on a new path to really take care of myself and the people around me.  My mom is 67 and started on a health and fitness plan last year, I worry about her falling and breaking a bone so I am going to make her a care package for the holidays and educate her a bit on what she needs for her joints and well being.

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  1. I took the health assesment a few days ago also, and it turns out that I need several of which is Vitamin D. I had NO IDEA that it was good for so many different things. I am also hoping to improve my mood a little bit. :-)

  2. I take vitamin D supplements also when I don't eat well, but I am careful not to overdo it.

  3. Both my mom and sister have Vitamin D issues, so an extra suppliment is key!

  4. THANK YOU!!! I so appreciate this site. This is the information I was looking for.

  5. I don't like drinking milk either, so I have to take D as well. It's really important!

  6. Very informative! I swear by my vitamins. I don't drink milk either. So, I make sure that I take calcium supplements.

  7. yes no yes no ... its amazing how often they go back and forth about taking this. I do because I don't drink enough milk but only take it every other day

  8. I also don't drink milk, so I make sure that my multivitamins have D in them...thanks for sharing!

  9. I really need to start taking it every day.

  10. I really need to start taking something like that!

  11. I hate milk so I really should take some Vit D. Thanks for sharing!


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