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It was a pretty yucky weekend so my husband and I decided to watch a little Tom Cruise and the third installment of the Mission Impossible movies. The new Mission Impossible is coming out very soon so we thought we would get in the spirit. My husband had all this week off and since we just moved into this house in September I had him working on new projects every day. He was looking forward to an easy day and a movie with his sweety. So off to MurphyUsa to pick up some snacks.

I was of course telling my husband how to drive the whole time, I am what is called proactive, he figures since he has never been in an accident nothing will happen. We get to the stop sign and he is skidding every where, Oy Vey. We arrived at MurphyUSA and I tried to use this new app called SCVNGR I downloaded the application and saw that it looked really easy to get going on it so I checked in. This application is all about having challenges at different places you check into. I was already loving it. The thing I liked about it was it really makes you notice things you might not have noticed. So I played along and did some challenges. You can see my whole shopping experience over at my Google Plus Profile.
We stopped in at MurphyUSA while I played with this new app and picked up some Coke, Diet Coke and a bunch of snacks. We stopped in at a few weeks ago and picked up our snacks for our pumpkin patch adventure. Because it was snowing the Kiosk was totally packed, I we were literally should to shoulder with shoppers while I played my new app. I think they thought I was crazy LOL. We headed out and over to Walmart to pick up pizza for our dinner once the movie was half way through. We also realized that the Mission Impossible movie I wanted to watch that I thought I had was no where to be found among our DVD's. So we picked that up to. Then it all caved in. My husband does maintenance for a living and started getting calls from his boss. Remember he is on vacation still.. She begs him for help and big overtime.. So I am now a passenger tooling around the Twin Cities dealing with heat calls. Thank goodness I had my snacks in hand. He finally gets me home and says date night will have to start without me. I was so sad. My daughter was nice enough to have date night with me :-)

Tom Cruise returns as Special Agent Ethan Hunt, who faces the mission of his life and a new villain. This was very fast paced and had awesome stunts. Tom Cruise is looking good! The agency asks Tom, aka Hunt to save an operative (Keri Russell) he trained. This is because weapons dealer Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman) kidnaps her. I think Phillip Seymour is an amazing actor.  Maggie Q is awesome and I am pretty sure she plays the Nikita Character on the WB.  My daughter and I built a fire ate the rest of our snacks and had pizza at the end of the show.  It was a nice relaxing evening and I stayed warm.

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  1. Sorry your date night didn't turn out as planned but at least you were warm and cozy!

  2. Glad you were able to make the best of a yucky evening.

  3. I can usually enjoy a tom cruise movie Sorry to hear your day didn't go to well but ended up okay

  4. What is date night? Lol. It's been so long since my hubby and I have had one.

  5. Can't believe all that snow. What a perfect night for a movie!:)

  6. What's date night? lol. Glad it all turned out okay.

  7. I love date nights! Never had to go through snow though!


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