The Complete Second Season of V Now on DVD and Blue Ray #V

The Complete Second Season  of V now on DVD and Blue-ray

I have only recently fallen in love with Sci Fi, all the years of Star trek and nothing to watch on a Saturday or Sunday but Sci Fi or wide world of sports turned me off until my 40's.

V is about UFOs landing over major cities all around the word led by alien Visitors who “come in peace” and provide the human race with major remarkable medical breakthroughs. Not everyone believes that they are just there to help and they become suspicious of the so called peaceful visitors who are led by Anna. They are now under secret investigation to untruth their true mission.

In the series finale, the 5th Column is crushed in a failed coup against Anna. A new human opposition force has entered the picture called Aries Project. All humans above ground are blissed and fall under Anna's spell just as the V Armada approaches. An evil twin Lisa has been created who seduces Tyler becomes impregnated by him and then murders him. Lisa the Visitor Princess is imprisoned after an attack on her Mother's life and Anna kills her mother Diana. If you were to write the next episode, where would you take the story? Would the humans triumph and crush the Vs, would the humans and Vs learn to live peacefully together or is it doomsday for humanity?

I am a bit of a softy I would somehow want them to all live peacefully but have a couple of bad seeds thrown in the mix to keep it exciting. How about you? How would you write the next episode?

You can now purchase the Complete Second Season of V now on Blue-ray and DVD!

“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote V Season Two on DVD."
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  1. I have never seen this show, but have heard it is good. Maybe I will check it out since it is on DVD now.

  2. I remember being very afraid of V when it was on a long time ago :)

  3. I hate sci fi shows, but this one sounds really really good!!

  4. I've never seen this show but have always wanted to- looks like a great way to catch up on it! :)

  5. I hated the original, and couldn't bring myself to give the new one a chance.

  6. I've never seen this but may check it out.

  7. I have to admit that I'm not much into scifi, but my son might like it.

  8. I love V! I try to pretend I don't like Sci-Fi but there are a few I do love.


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