Minneapolis Farmers Market Review

Minneapolis Farmers Market Review

I love The Minneapolis Farmers Market, I love gardening and growing my own vegetables and also experimenting with different herbs. This is the place to go to learn from different cultures and try fresh produce from local farmers. The feeling of buying locally brings a smile to my face!

The Vendors are friendly and never pushy. They are more than happy to explain there product and give samples and business cards out. They opened in 1876 at the corner of First Street and Hennepin Avenue. It was one of the few sources of fresh produce in the area at the time. The market drew customers and vendors from up to 20 miles away – and that’s no quick trip when you’re traveling by horse and cart.
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The amount of Vendors is around 300ish from vegetables to garden tools. You can mozy from one end to the next drinking freshly prepared lemonade or a cup of coffee or a latte. Fresh corn on the stick with fixins like Cayenne pepper, parm cheese and salt and pepper. My favorite is the Hot beef Sticks. It is always our first stop.

Here is there information; Smokehouse Snacks 
Brian Jorgensen Foley, MN

Fresh treats hot off the grill, including brats, hot dogs, breakfast wraps and pork chops. Fresh, premium beef and turkey jerky. Wide variety of delicious beef sticks. And, our legendary garden relish... of course.
Another favorite is the Salsa Vendors, there are about three or four different sort of Vendors. Here I am buying from Papa Ferrios fresh Pico and a marinade. Tonight we are putting it on our Pork Chops.

Weekends At The Farmers Market Enjoy classes on cooking and gardening along with Master Gardner sessions on site Sundays 8-noon. Remember folks get out there and buy locally, support your community!
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  1. Yea!! I LOVE Farmer Markets and I'll be driving through MSP in August..only staying one night, but hopefully I'll be able to go to the market!


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