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Grow Your Own Cucumbers

I thought I would do a Rewind of my cucumber post.  I added a few more tidbits :-) 

Have you grown Cucumbers before?  Maybe this is your first time.  They may not be the easiest veggie on the block to grow .  They need a lot of sun and heat.  They are also very prone to dieing off from frost so don't plant them to early, and transplanting can be tough unless you start them in a peat pot that goes directly in the soil.

I firmly believe in growing on a Trellis or Fence, even if you live in a small area or in an apartment you can grow them on your deck!  This is my deck with my Cucumbers Flourishing.


You can sow two or three seeds per peat pot.  Thin the peat pots to one plant per pot. (Thin means take one or two plants out once they have their true leaves and move into another pot)  The first leaves that appear are not "true" leaves, wait until the second set appears then pinch off the first set of leaves. If your planting on the deck, place the peat pots in a good planting soil right up against the trellis or fence.  They will grab on and climb up very quickly.  Check on them everyday and help them along if needed.

Vertical Gardening

It is a known fact in the gardening world that cucumbers grow better when growing up on a Trellis or pole or fencing.  You will get 2-3 times more yield from your crop, versus vining on the ground.  Utilizing the garden working up makes room for more vegetables.  Planting lettuce below the trellis works awesome because they get the shade during the hot summer months and will not bolt so quick.


Fertilizers also play a key role in growing cucumbers  add a 5-5-10 fertilizer into the soil that you are using to plant the cucumbers with.  I add the fertilizer at the beginning and as soon as I see buds form. Then again three weeks later.  I also add compost from my garden.

Water Your Cucumbers

Do Not hose them done.  Cucumbers do not like getting there leaves wet, you will notice a white film on them that is a disease.  Not sure what it is actually or I just don not remember :-) Water only the soil.  Get down on your knees and literally do your best not to get the leaves wet.

Cucumber Beetle

Cucumber beetle is a common name given to members of two genera of beetles, Diabrotica and Acalymma, both in the family Chrysomelidae. The name stems from the tendency for adults of these beetles to be found on the leaves and flowers of cucurbits; which are plant species of the melon, cucumber and squash varieties.

The two most common pests in this family are the striped cucumber beetle and spotted cucumber beetle, which looks very much like a green ladybug. However, unlike the ladybug, cucumber beetles are not considered beneficial insects. They produce a wilting of the leaf. I will work on a more indepth post for insects.

Harvesting your cucumbers

Cucumbers are ready in 50 to 65 days, the link above is a nice large cucumber in 50 days.  I pick my cucumbers throughout the season, some are pickled, some used for salads.  There really is no real way to do this.  If they are big and yellow they have over riped.  Don't throw it out!  These are great sliced really thin and made into a Refrigerator Sweet Pickle.  I am a Pickle Nut and my kids are to.  I make about 100 quarts in the fall and they are gone after Christmas.  I make Sweet Pickles Sun Pickles, Hot Pickles, Sour Pickles, Semi Sour Pickles.  Non are processed.  These are crisp and delicious!

Cucumber Beauty Recipes

Check out my cucumber recipes, cucumbers are not just for eating!

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