How To Make Sun Pickles

How To make Sun Pickles 
Jarring Sun Pickles in a few easy steps.

Sun Pickles are truly the best tasting pickles I have made so far, watch for a video later today.

Sun Pickles sit in the sun from 3 days to a week depending how sour you want them. Mine sit in the sun for three days. I have to keep the kids and my husband out of the jars because everyone is testing them after the first day. Summer has winded down, my middle son is back at college and this is one food item he brings back with him every time he visits. College Cooking does not happen much at his house. The average College Cook has very little time or knowledge to prepare great dinner menus, I like that my son has pickles readily available to him.

We are moving on September 15th to a 30 acre farm, I am actually going to have a root cellar, I am so excited to store all my canning in such an old fashion way just like the early settlers did. This weekend I made my Sun Pickles and Sweet and Hot Curry Pickles along with Refrigerator Pickles. Today we are working on Hot Carrots.

Preparation for Sun Pickles
Start with Fresh pickles just picked from your garden or farmers market.
Soak in ice cold water for a few hours.
Cut off the top and bottom piece. Check each cucumber for firmness discard any soft cucumbers.
Slice Onions
Get your spices together
Cut Jalapenos
Sanitize Quart Jars
Ingredients for Sun Pickles
Four Sanitized Quart Jars
  • 6 Cups of Water
  • 3 Cups Vinegar
  • 1/2 Cup Salt
  • Teaspoon Alum per Quart Jar
  • One Head Dill Per Quart Jar
  • One Clove Garlic or Two Teaspoon fresh chopped garlic
  • Additional Optional Ingredients;
  • Jalapenos, a couple sliced pieces gives the batch a little heat
  • Mustard Seed
  • Pickling Spice

Prepare your brine by combing the Water, Vinegar and Salt. Let cool.

  • Add the Spices and Onions at the bottom of the Quart Jar
  • Add Your Pickles
  • Fill each Jar to the top with your brine
  • Screw your caps on gently and let soak in sun for three days for a half sour sun pickle.
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  1. I need to make these! I have some super yummy cucumbers I got from the farmer's market last week!

  2. I've never heard of this. Very, very cool, and I can see why they can't keep their hands out of them. :)

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  10. Oh yum! I have never made pickles this way, and I have some cucumbers just waiting to be canned! Thanks.

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  18. April, your instructions say to add onions to the bottom of the jar but there are no onions in the ingredients list.

  19. How long can you keep these pickles and should they always be refrigerated?

  20. I steer clear of pickles, but I bet my Mom would like these.

  21. im interested in buying a high resolution version of your pickle image (birds eye view)... can you email me?

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